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Had a birthday dinner here last night was an amazing dinner! Food was fantastic and the staff so friendly. Would recommend this restaurant for a great dinner.

Beth C.

Last night we celebrated our anniversary at Braised Restaurant and Bar. Staff were charming, atmosphere was comfortable and the food was outstanding! Is there anything else needed?

Joe R.

We were told that this appetizer was one of the most popular items on the menu and so we were curious to see what it was like. The braised pork cheeks were served with raspberry coulis and tartar sauce which created an absolutely delicious sweet and savory combo. I dipped my first croquette in the colourful condiment concoction and dug in. Inside the crispy croquette was tender braised pork cheek that definitely lived up to the hype. The dipping sauces really heightened and enhanced the pork cheek making this appetizer a definite hit.

Natalie G.

Lolita's Lust on the Danforth is a great favorite of mine so I was very happy to see Sam Scanga open Braised. Slow-cooked comfort? Count me in! The place is flat out gorgeous and the service, just like Lolita's, friendly and professional. My Lamb was succulent and delicious and my partner appreciated the veggie options. Def thumbs up!

Brian J.

Beautiful decor. Beautiful food. Being a vegetarian I have to say the tofu entre was to die for. Crispy and spicy. Love all the friendly faces that come by from Lolita's too!

Zee G.